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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Penyakit JOEL?!

dis evening i had a weird dream..
after got back from da class..i was reading CLEO on my bed n fell asleep..
maybe coz of da 'cool' weather..i was dozing off n slept tite ly..
i dun even realise dat i used my yellow blanket during the day..!!

then.. my dreams started to make my sleep 'more sweet'..think so..hahaha
i dreamt about ADA,WAN n I have graduated from IPSAH n became teacher in rural areas..
one day..we realised dat one of our students did not come to school 4 a long time..
we decided 2 go to his house and met him..

it was a long journey since it was a rural area..very rural...
i can still remember dat we have to pass the mud areas in order to reach his home..
we finally reach at his home..
by dat time..we were welcomed by his sister which is WAN's frens ( in reality) ..
i wonder how can WAN's frens dat has no relation wif me can be a part of my dream?
hahahah..maybe coz i saw her fs be4 i went 2 sleep..
juz leave it there..continue my story..

we asked her where was her bro..and she showed to one corner where we can clearly see him..
we can c him lying on the bed looking so pale n weak..
we are confused and did not know wut's happening 2 him..
we then asked her..[ in malay la kn]

3 wanita cantik: kenapa ngn abg awak?
girl: er..dia sakit..dia terkena penyakit pelik..
3 wanita cantik: penyakit ap?
girl: penyakit JOEL!!
3 wanita cantik: [ looking at each other,muka masing2 terkejut beruk]

FYI during dat time [ in my dream] PENYAKIT JOEL is one of da infectious disease dats very hazardous..juz like can cause u to feel itchy and start to scratch ur body once u get contact wit it..hehehehe...nonsense gler..

and we did feel itchy..n start scratching our body...
da girl asked us 2 leave as she did not want her dad 2 noe bout our presence..
coz she said dat her dad was a hot tempered guy...
n we rushed back home..

but b4 we gone back..
we made a 'brief intro' bout ourselves 2 her..

"By da way, nama saya Z,saya lak WAN n saya ADA" [ sambil tgn melambai2 ke arah girl td..lbh kuang cam beauty pageant nye contest..smbil berlari2 anak meninggalkan umah 2]

suddenly alarm clock berbunyi..4.45p.m
time 2 get up..its GERKO time..
my dream end up juz like dat..
i wonder wut it would be like if i'm not being strucked by the alarm..

maybe JOEL will make his appearance and rule da country by his disease..

to JOEL: ak tataw la nape tba2 nama ang nek dlm mmp ak..maybe ang ad bt slh kot ngn ak..hehehe..or maybe 2 st ptanda bruk?'s juz my prediction..nothing serious 2 think about..

-sblom tdo bc doa tdo dlu..even time siang pun..u need 2 practice it k..
-mimpi hny mainan bkan bulan posa setan kena ikat ker..huhuhu..


Anonymous said...

bln pose...
ad setan ttggl dlm drh la...

LifELovER.. said...

ini reply utk 2 comments u gave..
taun ni je bru beli awal2..
ade elaun sdiri la katakan..haha
n nk gak lyn jiwang sekali sekala..
hukhuk..tarak keja tu..
dok boring maen type je la..
pe cite pyakit joel??
cm bahye..hehe

adaliciOus said...

hai nama saya ADA..
haha =D

joegrimjow said...

orang panggil ku joe

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