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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

dinner : much better !

we had a TESOL nite dinner laz sunday.. it was mesmerizing n i should congratz the Cohort 5 for their hard effort in making this event success..truly said that dis time was much much better than laz year's dinner..many improvement could be seen especially da rm 25 was worth a lot of food to be satay,lemang,nasi impit,laksa,nasi tomato,dalca,assorted kuih n ayam ros..mmg pueh ati la ckap..n the space was much bigger than before..ckup selesa n got to mix along wit another student from diff cohort..i'm in table 5..wif some juniors n seniors..they were eno,fatin,fiqah,EVANA,ann,kachu,lily, n other two ( i couldn't 'member their names)..

why was EVANA's name being capitalised?? hahaha..i'm amazed wif her accent..damn gud beb..n she was very fluent and looked very confident..n i sumthin 2 ask her..but felt shy n worrying of tersasul..hahaha..malu kang..
performance? great and fascinating!! sumpah x tpu..ntah nape malam 2...dis one class used to dance SWAY song juz like us in the first sem! hahaha..they remind me back 2 dat time..a looong time ago..when i was still 'one in a million' dance by another class..aiyak..sama lg..kira da basi la tarian 2 ngn ktorg..hehehe...our 2 performances...soleh n liss sang 'Bring me to life' song..then followed by us singing n dancing 'Accidentally in Love' song..when i saw our vdeo..OMG! i was so tall..obviously..coz i stand beside KT who was very small..huhuh..tobat ak x pki da stiletto tuh..hhuuhuh..
k..malas nk ckap pnjg..

these are sum cool pics dat i want 2 share wif u guys..

forget 2 tell dat da theme is east meets west!

me wif juniors..waitin 4 our table 2 b called..muka sengal tahan lapar..hahaha

me wif afiq [ pengacau tegar ak]..hahaha..

harus glamer k..di samping hashrul..hehehe..ekceli spek wan d cilok sebenter untuk ak nmpk lbih vogue g2..hehehe

from left : ada, miss kim n me..kamilah BELIA 4B! - qouting from miss kim's word during the snap..

wif sum of my frens..oyeen,wawan,elin,kt n ada..everyone looks like a star!!

standing ovation! prince n princess of da nite : farid n alan
king n queen of da nite : mr sachi n madam kat


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