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Friday, September 28, 2012

What an experience....

I was teaching Year 4 and there was one girl in the class who suddenly walking towards the other empty table at the corner of the class with her big almost popping out eyes. Oh..not again.I was watching the 'whole process' when suddenly she almost hit her face on the table.I knew that something was wrong. She was attacked by epileptic seizure. This was not her first time. I was already informed by the class teacher that she has this thingy that happens to her almost everyday. I was panicked. I did not know what to do. I brought her outside the class and she spitted out. Her other classmates started to recite the Azan. Hahaha. Funny! They thought that she was attacked by the demons. Hantu rasuk etc. Only God knew how I felt. I rubbed her back and luckily there was another teacher passing by the class. He asked the girl to look into his eyes and he spoke in a loud voice. After a few minutes, she was in her normal state back but she was quite blur. Asking her friends what are they doing. Before I ended the class, I saw her playing tom tom bak with her friends like nothing happened. What an experience............

Below are some pictures of my kids. Did some activity on weather topic.

This represents cold weather.Still trying to make sense of the MJ hat and shades. When I asked them, "What makes you choose these clothings?"  They replied, "Pakai sweater sebab nak bagi badan tak sejuk.Spek pulak nak lindung mata dari rasa sejuk. Topi pulak nak tutup pala dari rasa sejuk" Brilliant! Hahaha.

This represents hot weather. Erm..Logic la those three items. Short sleeves, cap and shades. Protects you from the sun eh? 

No doubt this is rainy. 


Irfa said...

kesiannya budak tu.mak pak dia tahu ke?tak bawak berubat ke?kalau akak pun panik kena cam tu

wah!jd cikgu ni kena kreatif

[z@ck] said...

rasanya mak pak dia pun tahu.lagi satu, depa duk kata budak ni badan tak kuat.benda senang tumpang.uhuhuhu

eDdY said...

kalo aq pon..mesti panik jugak tgk camtu..sbb x pernah kan..hihi
anyway..comey ja budak2 tu..hehe

Dee said...

takutnya..mujur xde yg teruk terjadi..anyway budak2 tu cute..cara dorang terjemahkan weather tu..

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