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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's count!

Reading and talking with children plays an important role in developing their vocabulary. Typically, more words are used in written language than in spoken language. The more you read to children, the larger vocabulary they will develop. Research has shown children learn new words by:
  • -Hearing a word over and over.
  • -Hearing words spoken by the important people in their lives: Mom, Dad, siblings, grandparents.
  • -Hearing words in a meaningful context – during conversation at dinner, in the car, while playing and while reading.
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Mengajar si Akim ni counting from 1-10. To my surprise, he can easily absorb and count the numbers correctly. But when I asked him to count by himself, selalu sampai five je la. Lepas tu dia dah lupa. Tapi bila kita sebut, dia akan follow dengan senangnya. 


eDdY said...

haha..comey sgt akim ni.. :)

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