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Saturday, September 3, 2016

My weekend be like

Weekend is almost over.

I normally would stay home and curling up on my bed, watching tv and cooking. It feels like Heaven.

But not this weekend. It was the most productive one. Since he was here, we decided to hunt for our barang hantaran. We went to Melaka, obviously. There's nothing much to shop and survey here. First day of hunting, we managed to get perfumes and watch for him. Betul la orang cakap. Men's things are lesser to choose from but it costs you arms and legs while women's things are plenty to choose from but very cheap. Jam dia saja dekat RM600. Pitam.

Second day of hunting, we went to JPO in a hope of finding a handbag that suits to my liking. I never put any standard or criteria of it before going there. I will pick anything that looks beautiful to my eyes. Unfortunately, none caught my eyes except this 1.6k Bonia handbag. Huhu. Pasaipa la cheq boleh berkenan beg hat mahai sangat ni. *crying at the bedside*  It was ridiculous. I was not willing to pay so much for just one handbag. There were so many other things that I could buy with that money. Hence, we went out from the boutique and remained silent. Trying to accept the fate that it was not my rezeki to own that brand yet. Sobs.

Then,we went inside Carlo Rino and it was on sale. Sadly, most of the designs were too typically Carlo Rino signature (wording of Carlo Rino all over the handbag and some drawing too.) Boring. The end result? I got nothing from JPO while he got three shirts and another watch to wear to work. Shopping sakan cik abang kita sorang ni.

All I got was bloated tummy. Kejap kejap makan. Kejap kejap coffee. Naik 1 kilo when he is around. Now I'm back to detox water. #getridofthat1kilo


Ciare Baha said...

hye zack. it's been a loooooong time since the last time i visited here to your blog. lama x dengaq story teacher Insan Tinggi ni. Hehe.

agenayamterpercaya said...

wow! pertandingan yang sangat seru dari meron dan wala untuk anda yang mau menonton klik disini!
dan dapatkan seputar sabung ayam hanya di sini

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