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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Teacher, conjuring tu apa?

Why suddenly you want to know? It's not even related to our lesson today.

Saja nak tau cikgu.

Dah. Go back to your place and check the dictionary for its meaning.

Dah check cikgu. Tapi tak jumpa perkataan tu.

Eh..mana boleh tak ada pulak. Look one more time.

There she went back to her place looking so disappointed for not getting the answer. Actually, I wasn't sure of its meaning. That's why I asked her to find the meaning in dictionary. Pretending to be surprised when they couldn't find the meaning while teacher also struggling to remember the exact meaning. That's how I run away intelligently from the problem. But it doesn't mean that I totally neglect her enquiry. I'll get back to her on Thursday.Teachers are human too and don't expect that we memorise all the English words in our heads. Sometimes we need to refer to Oxford too. Hahaha.


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