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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

music soul

hey guys..i got a list of new songs dat u should listen u'll fall in luv wif them!
  1. aizat - lagu kita [ his voice captures my heart + try 2 listen 2 its lyrics..nice!]
  2. bob af2 - cinta terhalang [ the arrangement of that song quite similar 2 adi putra's theme song in 'Aku kah Tanggang' ( if i'm not mistaken lor..) but this one mmg touching bis beb..]
  3. fabulous cat - bawaku terbang [ after u hear dis song, bet u'll fly wit it..hahaha]
  4. suki feat ahli fiqir - usah [ dis young girl finally comes up wif her 2nd single..makes u wanna dance on the floor]
  5. d'masiv - cinta ini membunuhku - [ really kills me..hukhukhuk..cedey..]
  6. pussycat dolls - when i grow up [ used 2 be britney's song but pcd got it 1st..quit catchy n serabut but nice melody]
  7. brian mc fadden - like only a woman can [ really luv dis song..muah!!! tells u bout his ex-fiancee dat he used 2 luv]
  8. hujan - dugaannya [dis kedah band makes me proud of my state..hahaha..same arrangement from the former song..juz sum changes being made 2 da music]
  9. estranged - yg pernah [ they play wif the new melody..strong music ]
  10. sheila on 7 - betapa [ slow n steady..]
  11. sofaz - kepantasanku [ still bout girl.. i guess dis is the continuous story from their previous hit songs..nice opening..tadada..tadada..hee]
  12. samsons - tak bisa memilikimu [sad song..the title already tells u bout da whole song ]


Anonymous said...

nape xde lagu raye dlm list 2...
nk dgr lagu raye...

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