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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear TESLers

Dear TESLers

First of all, season’s greetings to you all from the BEd(TESOL) team at Vic. I hope that you are all enjoying time with family and friends, and making the most of the well-deserved break from your studies. That said, if you’re not that confident in your English proficiency, keep up daily reading in English across a range of texts, both for pleasure and to build your academic muscles!

Second, let me update you on the enrolment process for your 2010 studies. You will all do your initial enrolments on-line from Malaysia, so it is essential that you all have access to your e-mail accounts and to the university web-site from the second week of January onwards. Here are the three main steps in the process that you need to be aware of:

1. In early January I will send you an e-mail with your six suggested courses for the first and second trimester listed. For many of you these will not all be the same courses that you submitted to me when I met you at KSAH in November. I have looked carefully at all your chosen options and changed them in cases where I thought there was good reason to do so. In particular, far far too many of you who have chosen WRIT 151 do not need to do this course – your work on the Foundation programme should have given you sufficient grounding in academic writing and study to allow you to bypass this course. Please note however, that any changes I have made to your elective choices can be renegotiated with me when you arrive in February.

2. In mid-January (probably the 11th or 12th of Jan) you will receive an automatic prompt e-mail asking you to begin the enrolment process. You will need to complete this process of on-line enrolment before 1 February. Do not worry to much at this stage about which electives you have chosen – you will have time to change these later. The main thing at this stage is to get you enrolled in the university for 2010.

3. When you arrive at VUW in mid-Feb, we will carry out the final steps in the enrolment process in person. At this point it is possible to change courses etc.

I hope that is all clear. Naomi ( at the Faculty office will oversea the nuts and bolts of this process, and I will be responsible for advising you on electives.

Best wishes


So, what's the use of getting us to choose what we want but through the end we would not get it? Maybe Pak Atan lebih tahu kemampuan kami di mana and he should have chose it for us. Tak payah minta kami buat pilihan sendiri. Menyusahkan saja.Our seniors kat sana pun cakap yang Pak Atan akan insist kami ambil apa yang dia suggest. Even kami bangkang teruk mana pun, he still wins. Dapat tak apa yang aku try nak sampaikan ni? Jangan minta kami buat pilihan yang di penghujungnya kami belum tentu dapat pilihan itu. Boleh bikin kami patah hati woo..

Ayat macam sampah.


mamma mia! said...

maknenye ramai yg kene amik writ 151 ke???

*f@ryh@* said...

x la kema..ramai yg x yah amik writ 151..adus,,payah jugak la klu dapt subjek yg kite x nak n susah..mati la macam ni

avid gunner said...

takdir. u did all the planning but it's all God's call to decide. you wouldn't happen to crumble upon a slight mishap like this, would you?

[z@ck] said...

mamma mia..
x de la..maksudnya ada gak certain2 yg da bgus writ 151 tp still nak amik subjek tu..macam waste la..

yup..maunya dapat literature..menangis x berlagu..

avid gunner..
yeah..never expect it to be like this..

Zarpeno said...

dapat Kimia! wuhuhuhu

Zarpeno said...

jonathan togo yg CSi tu ka?hehe

hans said...

hebat ko yer

Hannanika Chan said...

zack. nak ikut, boley? :P

rhapsody LiN said...

woah.. takutnye!!
maktb lin link dgn QUT. hopefully evrything is ok.

*f@ryh@* said...

kak nani..jom ikot dok lam luggage..huhu

PinQib said...


[z@ck] said...

11 Feb 2010..

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