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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raya Sakan Contest : Danial

15) Danial. Pengkomen tegar baru blog ini. Suka gelak hehehe.=)

I already did a post on my first raya back in Penang. To me, that was already raya sakan! I no longer had the passion (LOL) and the stamina, energy to go raya sakan like I did years back, when I was still a kid.

But this post is for the Raya Sakan Contest by Insan Tinggi. Go check out her blog if you guys are interested. Hehehe...
So, for this raya sakan contest, I need to put this banner -

There! So, done with this one.

Next, a picture of me raya sakan to the max! Actually..I don't have that many pics of me this raya. Because I took most of the pics. My other cousin who took quite a few pictures didn't snap that many pictures of me too. Ahh~ oh well... I guess, I'm bagging it all on this!

Was at Teh Tikah's house, savouring the pulut inti...heavenly made...

Raya sakan habih! Bukan setakat jilat jari, mata ini jugak telah tertutup rapat, tanda nikmat dapat makan makanan-makanan yang sedap! Nasi putih + ayam masak style Pak Taat, bihun sup ayam Teh Tikah yang sedap! Pulut inti, Mee Rebus, Mee Kari!!!!

Tell me, how the heck can you not gain weight when it's Raya? It takes really2 a lot of efforts to resist all these sweet, tastylicious temptation you know!

hahaha I don't think I will win the contest but I just thought of joining for the fun of it. Nothing to lose anyway. This picture is not that embarrassing too....right? It's not, is it? Or is it kinda embarrassing...?....



Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

oh..giliran aku pulak. eh, nampak kelabu sikit tulisan tu. maaf la. hehehe

terima kasih tuan rumah promote blog gue. hehehe

JaJa'Z said...

good luck bro...

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