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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My biggest fear

I love challenges.Semua benda yang orang buat, aku nak buat. Istilah takut tak pernah wujud dalam kamus hidup aku. Even if I feel so, I tried to overcome it for the sake of getting new experience. I believe that as long as you are capable of doing it, you should do it. Sementara muda remaja lagi, moleklah buat segala kerja gila. Nanti kalau dah kahwin, dah punya anak, dah tak boleh nak huu haa huu haa dah.

Until one day, I went overboard. I was too brave to challenge myself that I almost killed myself. Last few years, my friends and I decided to have a picnic at Lata Bayu. We have a great moment together, playing in the water and BBQ-ing. While the others busy grilling the chicken and playing in the water, six of us (5 boys and 1 girl, yup 1 girl is me) decided to do something different from them. We saw a huge rock on the other side of our picnic area, covered with green seaweeds which make it slippery. A good spot to have water sliding, of course. We were not aware of the depth of the water beneath the rock. We assumed that it was not deep since small kids could also slide and survive it. I forgot that I cannot swim or should I say that I acted like I knew how to swim in front of my friends? Yup. That’s the fact. The first to slide is me. That’s the greatest feeling I ever had in my life. Sliding like a pro! Hahaha. I started to get panic when my feet didn’t touch the ground. I could not feel the sand and I kept trying to float myself. Then, the second person slid and he also did not know how to swim! Poor us. We knew we were in a big trouble. Time tu dah pasrah je lah.Dah fikir pasal lemas bersama dah.Sweet kan? You jump, I jump. Hehehe. I drank too much water and I began to sink. Same goes to my friend. I ran out of energy. Luckily, my other friends knew how to swim and they saved us! Memang terhutang budi sangat sangat dengan dorang.

Since then on, I am afraid of water. Sungai, laut and everything that is deep. When I see deep water, the ‘sinking moment’ begins to appear in my mind. I need to close my eyes for few secs to calm myself. Even when people ask to me join them swimming, I only go for a few steps and stop. Main area kanak kanak je. Hahaha. I could still remember in 2010, we went to Tasik Dayang Bunting in Pulau Langkawi. The water is sooooo deep I cannot see the bottom.  It took me half an hour to decide whether to jump into the water. Even though I wore the life jacket, I still feel hesitant to go down there. Takut sangat. What if the life jacket cannot help me to float? What if I begin to sink? Would my friends help me? Macam macam lagi la thoughts yang tak masuk akal bermain di fikiran. Even my friends started to lure me with the coldness of the water, punya nak suruh jugak I overcome the fear.

“Sejuk weeeh ayaq ni. Best.Mai laa turun Zack. Hang takkan tenggelam aih”

This is me. You can see how 'happy' I am inside the water. Hahaha.

Still holding to it. 

Hahahaha.Lawok! Turun jugak la I dalam tasik tu. At first, I kept holding to the platform. I was afraid to let my hands go, afraid that I could not float myself. You know, when you think too much, you start to have crazy thoughts. Same like me as I did not believe in the life jacket at all. Hahahaha. Gila punya orang.. My feet memang tak cecah dasar la kan. Gila dalam. Thanks to my friends, they taught me to ‘wiggle’ my feet and keep calm in the water. After that, I began to let my hands go and swam like a pro. Not to forget, with the help of the life jacket. Hahaha. Until now, I still do not know how to swim. If I were to swim, I would seek for Mr Life Jacket’s  help. Easy meh. 

Thanks to my two darlings, I have the courage to let my hands off the platform and swam like a boss =P

 And even swam further to the middle of the lake. Impressive!

 Thank you life jacket. You help me overcome my fear of water. =P

Don’t forget to watch Astro’s Fear Factor Malaysia this December . I expect that Jehan Miskin will be the ultimate winner for this season. Dengan ketul ketul muscle di badannya, aku yakin dia boleh menang besar dalam Fear Factor edisi Malaysia ni. Go Jehan Miskin!

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Dee said...

k dee pun takut tenggelam masa kat tasik dayang bunting ni suami terjun gitu je tanpa life jacket..terkapai2 lah k dee sorang2 kt platform tu..cecah kaki dlm air jelah..hehehe..

cha said...

akak pun takut zack. baru ni pg pangkor akak snorkeling dhla tak pandai berenang. nasib baik husband akak jaga huhu

[z@ck] said...

syok kan boleh berenang.huhuhuhu..

tringin nak tu la..tak pandai berenang.hahaha

Sweetie said...

Ala...tak rocklah pakai jaket! he..he..he..

eDdY said...

nak kata aku pandai berenang xder la..skit2 tu bole..tpi kalo da sampai x pijak dasar..24 kali jugak aku akan fikir nak mandi situ..haha

[z@ck] said...

inilah nasib diri tak pandai berenang kak oii..huhuhu

kalau ang fikir 24 kali, aku dabel dari tu lagi.hahaha

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