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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Me Before You

I am currently reading this novel. Just bought two days ago and now I am reaching page 301. I ain't a fast reader but when I like reading something, there's no way I could stop myself from turning to the next pages.Anxious to know what happen next. If you are going to get a new English novel, I would recommend you to buy this one. A very moving story about family,career and love life. I guess I could finish it by today. Tak sabar nak tahu ending dia. Hehehe.

A: Next week I dapat voucher buku. Jom.
Z: Ye ke? Yeay yeay! Belanja I satu buku boleh?
A: Hehe.Boleh. 3 pun boleh.

I have lotssssss of free time now. 3 novels in a month? Easy meh! Hahaha.


Irfa said...

bagus la baca novel English
akak..emm lambat sikit kot nak khatam

shaty said...

well .. its more sentimental buying your own novel and have ur own collection. But after a few years, u might want to ' dispose' them .. sayang pula kan .. tapi terpaksa dari biar berabuk di rumah. So my suggestion, just borrow from the library. Have u been to our state library ?? U might want to spend the whole day there if u really love reading. By the way .. try reading BARBRA STRADFORD ( sorry not sure of the spelling ) her novels are really great !!

Mida Midot said...

minggu depan konfem dapat baucer?? bestnyaaa ^^ borong .

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