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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rezeki Tuhan

Hallu semua. Sorry lah dah berapa hari tak update blog.Emosi berkecamuk sedikit dek interview SPP beberapa hari yang lepas. Kenapa emosi turun naik? Sebab rasa performance time interview teruk. Dalam sesi selama 35 minit tu, I got chance to answer only one question without being interrupted by the panel and other candidates. Oh. Mind you it's a group interview. Not one on one thingy.So faham faham la bila group interview ni semua nak tunjuk hebat. Nak stand out from the rest. It's like when you talk more, there's a high chance for you to get high marks. Nature aku memang tak reti nak mencelah bila orang bercakap. Even nak potong orang tengah bercakap pun aku rasa rude. Tapi ada sorang makhluk Allah ni memang superb bab bab cantas point orang ni. So, memang nampak dia je lah yang banyak bercakap. Memang emo kalau fikir balik pasal interview tu. I prefer one on one interview sebab tak payah berebut nak jawab soalan angkat tangan mencelah bagai. I don't like that. That's why I can't be in debate team whatsoever. Memang aku dah anti teruk dengan makhluk Allah yang sorang tu. Anyway, I hope I can pass the interview. Usaha dah. Sekarang tinggal berdoa dan tawakal je lah.

Disebalik kesusahan yang dialami, Allah berikan nikmat yang langsung tak terduga. I got a call from PPD and they offered me a position as a temporary English teacher in this one school. After some considerations, I accepted it. Thinking back about my bad experience in the interview makes me feel so blessed to get this offer. At least I don't have to keep waiting for the real posting which I never know when will it happen. There's so many rumours spreading right now. Dengan nak pilihan raya lagi. I'm not sure we get to be posted sooner. So, the best thing to do now is to grab whatever opportunities that comes to you. Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Aturan Tuhan sangat cantik. The school is not far from my house and I got supportive family members to help me go through this. Since I don't have my own car yet, I have to ask for my auntie's help to send and pick me up from the school.

I expected that I would have a lot of awkward moment on my first day since I was all by myself. No familiar faces and new surrounding to be cope with. It turned out the other way as the teachers were very welcoming and easy to approach .They even asked me to continue my service as a permanent teacher since they are actually lacking of English teacher. Actually I went there not to replace cikgu cuti bersalin or cuti tanpa gaji whatsoever. They are actually short of English teacher. Kebetulan the PK is an English teacher so, I got some insights of the students' achievement.

So, next week I'll be starting my new life. No more waking up late, excessive usage of electricity at home and excessive food intake. Hahahaha. Say hi to my baju kurung and kasut hitam, little kids and RPH =P

p/s: Some of my friends jadi cikgu ganti since January. Boleh berguru dengan depa la lepas ni.


Irfa said...

alhamdulillah..aturan Allah untuk hambanya itu dh cantik cuma manusia suka fikir bukan2 dan tak sabar ;)

bagusla..kamu dh usaha.biarlah Allah tentukan.kalau ada rezki,alhamdulillah

sekarang dah pun dapat kerja.rebut peluang yg ada depan mata.selamat mendidik anak bangsa.jd cikgu yang disyangi oleh murid2 ye :)

Yantisa said...

welcome to the club , teacher .

cha said...

jangan giveup dulu zack. awal lagi nak giveup. kalau ada rezeki adala ok :)

btw goodluck dapat keje tu. sementara nak tunggu jawapan grab jela apa yg ada depan mata kan

eDdY said...

kalo da rase sekolah tu ok why not continue jdi permanent kan..hehe..anyway all the best teacher :)

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