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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sabah trip: Mesilau Dairy Farm / Desa Cattle

After Tagal Luanti, we went to Mesilau Dairy Farm or better known as Desa Cattle. The cows were doing milking process when we arrived there. There were so many people at the counter buying dairy products. Paling laku, ais krim susu lembu. Kembang tekak aku tengok dorang makan. Mungkin la bau nya tak sekuat susu yang baru diperah dari lembu. This place reminds me of New Zealand. Sebijik macam New Zealand. With its misty, foggy and cold weather, the greenery landscape and the hilly mountains hiding behind the waffle clouds, it suddenly bring us back to our NZ memories. So much to reminisce. That place was so close to my heart.Terus kepala otak flash back saat saat indah belajar di Welly dulu. Ah..I want to go to NZ again! 

Syam was so kind to buy us two boxes of milk to taste. Both are chocolate flavours. Susunya sumpah sedap. Tambah tambah kalau minum time susu tu tengah sejuk. We were lucky to witness a newborn calf. Besar jugak walaupun baru lahir. There were still blood on its body. It tried to stand up and walk. Suprisingly, it could stand up and walk for a while and then fell down. Macam baby jugak la, jalan sikit rebah. Tapi bunyi dia macam lembu dewasa. Kuat gila moo moo. 

 Ala tomey tomey. With the newborn calf.

Bajet supermodel sangat. Kahkahkah.

How could you not fall in love with this place?

So much like NZ. Rindunyaaaa...


Iz Malazi said...

ya Allah tolong lah gambar aku yg satu tuuuu. memalukan -_-

eDdY said...

cantik betol..mcm x percaya ni adalah kat msia..

[z@ck] said...

time amik tak malu kan..hahahaha

yup.true..sgt of a kind

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