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Friday, May 9, 2014

Kun Fa Ya Kun

I knew something wrong happened to her. I could tell from her eyes. There were tons of sadness. She tried to act calm like nothing happened but she could never hide her swollen eyes from me. "Awak okay ke? Apasal mata macam bengkak je?" "Eh, ye ke? Tak ada apa la Zack." I let her regain her posture. I was waiting for her to come clean to me. I knew something was not right. At last, she opened her mouth. Allah.....besarnya dugaan awak. Her tears kept falling. She's definitely a strong girl. If I were in her shoes, I could not be as strong as her. I would rather hide myself somewhere and not meeting with other people. The colleague and society. All this while, she kept it to herself not wanting other people to know her true story. All this while she put a smile on her face while deep inside her heart, she cries loudly. No one ever imagine this to happen even she herself could not believe it. This was totally out of my mind! God is amazingly great. Kun Fa Ya Kun, when He decrees a matter, He only says "Be!" to it and it is. Who are we to say no to Allah's plan? Even though it was hard to accept, we have to learn to believe in Qada' and Qadar. Allah knows best for us. Always believe that there's a relief behind every difficulty. 

To someone, you might not notice this as I never mention to you that I own one. I pray for your good fortune and please continue to be strong. Allah baru jentik sikit. Always remember there's more people out there who are less fortunate than you. 


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