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Friday, April 10, 2015

Hong Kong Trip : Ocean Park

Sakitnya tuh di sini. Benar-benar ku terluka. Ecewah. Amik hang. Sebulan tak berupdate blog ni. Apa khabar semua? Hopefully everyone is in a pink of health.So, sebulan lebih tak berupdate. Apa cita? Banyak cita. Banyak benda jadi dalam masa sebulan. Permainan emosi ibarat roller coaster. Kadang-kadang memuncak happy, kadang-kadang memuncak sedih. Haih. Too many things happened in my personal and career life. Anyway, let's skip that part and let's continue our Hong Kong story here.

Last part kat Macau kan. We went straight to our hotel. Too tired of walking non stop. Rasa nak tercabut kaki. After having some rest, Elina beria ajak kitorang pergi harbour. Amik angin malam. Padahal dah tahu dah ni mesti nak celebrate birthday aku yang kebetulan jatuh on that midnight. It was a simple celebration yet meaningful. Nyanyi lagu birthday seround, lepas tu lepak kat tepi harbour. Layan perasaan. Fuh. Memang best. Dengan angin sepoi sepoi bahasa bertemankan pemandangan indah kota Hong Kong. Simply breathtaking!

Oh.Before that kitorang pergi Night Market cari souvenir. It was raining heavily. Terpaksa pakai ponco basah basah naik commuter. As I said before, the weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable. Petang tadi elok je cerah. Tup tup malam hujan lebat. Jangan lupa bawa raincoat or umbrella tau! Lenjun oiii.

 There is just one problem with this muscular friend of mine. He farts everywhere he wants. No mercy.

Next day, we went to Ocean Park. We have to take a ferry to cross to the other side of the city.The journey takes 20 minutes only. Lebih kurang nak pergi seberang Penang la.

Here, we can use our Octopus Card to pay for the ticket. Hong Kong witnessed this lady with the same pose in order to hide her disturbing drumstick. T_T

Not so many people at this early hour. 

 While others were wide awake..this one person...

When we reach at the other side of Hong Kong, we took bus to go to Ocean Park. Again, you can use your Octopus Card. The bus fare for adults is $10.60 while children is $5.30. Tak susah pun nak cari bus yang pergi ke Ocean Park. Just look for Citybus route 629 from Star Ferry (ferry terminal). 

Here we are. FYI, Ocean Park is so big. You need to have a plan on which park you are going first. I recommend you read the brochure and plan your time wisely because there are some shows that are time fixed and you'll miss the show if you are late. And some rides just take long queues to get in. The place is extremely huge. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes or you'll end up having sore feet.

Gerun naik benda alah ni. Just like the Claws in Dreamland Gold Coast but this one lagi epic. Spinning 360 degree and twirling upside down. 

One more thing, plan which ride you want to take first. It was my biggest mistake that I rode the Rev Booster first. This ride span for so many times I ended up feeling dizzy and nausea.

As mentioned, this is Arctic Blast. 

Hair Raiser. We waited for almost an hour to ride this. They were having some technical problems with it and had to test run the ride for quite some time before they allowed us to get in there.

 Gempak habis ride ni but it was too short. Cey...Belagak noh hang. Padahal rasa macam nak tercabut jantung kat atas tu.

 Buang duit.

 You can meet this cute little penguin inside South Pole Spectacular.

Okay. Masa ni aku dah longlai sebenarnya. Pening sangat tapi gagahkan juga berjalan. Tetiba nampak resting area. Apa lagi. Terus letak kepala kejap while the rest pergi naik Ocean Park Tower. Dah tak daya dah oi. Hate you Rev Booster. >_<

Ocean theatre where you can watch the dolphins. Worth waiting for. A must watch show. If you come early, you can choose the suitable seat as this place is facing towards an open sky and it can get hotter in the afternoon. Dah la pening menugai..hangat pulak tu. Menduga kesabaran betul.

We did not manage to cover all the rides. Letih lesu dah. Perut kosong. Don't worry. Halal food are available in here. We ate chicken rice and the portion was big. But the taste sucks. Tapi telan jugak sebab perut dah masuk angin. Huhuhu.

The guest relation staff were so helpful and friendly. We asked for a place to perform our prayers and they provided us a room in their office. They even took care of the door and prohibited other people from entering the room. Thank you so much.


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