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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hong Kong Trip : Macau (Part 3)

Layan ja lah noh gambaq kami kat St Paul's Ruin ni. A bunch of people gather here just to take picture of this ruin. That's all. Some of them lepak on the stairs sampai orang nak lalu pun kena hati hati takut ada yang terpijak tangan nanti. Macam tak faham bahasa pun ada.

If you can see far away, that's one of the casino hotel available in Macau. The building has become the trademark of Macau. Many keychains and fridge magnets are printed with the image of the building. Nama, cheq dah tak ingat. Sila google. Hahaha.

One more thing, if you visit Macau, don't forget to try its egg tart. Super delicious and fresh from the oven. The smell of it was so alluring. Elina bought the egg tart in this shop. 

Look at its size. Makan satu pun dah kenyang. Bob bought a pack of it and he ate them all. Lepas tu kentut merata. Obviously, bau telur la kan. Zzzzzz.. Sabaq ja la.

 Me so likey this pitcha. Traveller much aye?

Actually banyak lagi attraction kat Macau but since we went there for just a day and we had to catch up our ferry, this was the only building that we managed to visit besides the casino that we went earlier.

Anyway, we had so much fun in Macau and again gaining attention because of Bob's monopod stick =D


sarah said...

bestnyaaaaa melancong..tumpang tny, brp rm kos utk ke sana?cek org kulim..

[z@ck] said...

tak sampai RM 1k pun =)

Anonymous said...

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