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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mangkut tingkat

Just now at school, Kak Irma asked me what do we call "mangkuk tingkat" in English because some of the pupils were asking her about it. Happen to be it was in the picture and they wanted to construct sentences about it. Tercabar jugak bila tak dapat nak bagi jawapan pada masa tu jugak. Since I am an oversea graduate, apa-apa kemusykilan terms in English, they normally come to me. Jadi tempat rujukan. Seriau jugak sebab orang expect kita akan tau everything about English language. That's why bila tak dapat jawab soalan Kak Irma, I felt like shit. Balik dari sekolah, menggagau search kat internet and asking my cohortmates. Finally I got the answer. So people, mangkuk tingkat is called tiffin carrier. 

Then, my former colleague (a retiree now) saja nak test vocab aku. She asked me what do we call a person who drives a train. It got me thinking for a while. Obviously, the person literally not driving the train as it was controlled by electric system. So, a train driver is not the correct one. Google punya google, bincang punya bincang, I come to conclude that it is called a train engineer or a locomotive engineer. Sophisticated kan bunyinya? Hehehe. While a train conductor is a person who collects the ticket and make sure everything is alright inside the train cabin.

Sekian kelas Bahasa Inggeris dengan Teacher Japirah. Thank you class. 


ada van de kamp said...

Awat x tanya aku.. Aku tau haha

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