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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter celebration?

Ada yang tanya Easter ni apa sebenarnya. To be frank, aku pun tak pernah ambil tahu sebelum ni. Yang aku tahu Easter ada kaitan dengan telur dan arnab. Kalau masuk New World, penuh coklat bentuk arnab. Tergerak hati untuk google apakah Easter celebration sebenarnya.

Mak copy paste je noks. Malas nak rephrase balik.Credits to

Easter is a grand festival of Christians and is celebrated to honor the resurrection of Lord Jesus, the son of mother Mary. It is a festivity of happiness and joy, as it was in the Easter springtime when people had witnessed Jesus' return to life. Thus, it becomes all the more obvious to have a bumper Easter celebration. It is interesting to learn as to how is Easter celebrated all over. Read further to gather information about celebrating Easter festival"

Here are some ideas regarding Easter celebration: -
  • To commemorate this special festival Easter, candles are lit.
  • In the morning time, men and women dressed up in their special Easter outfits go to the church and offer prayers.
  • Houses are decorated with beautiful lilies.
  • Easter bunnies make a place for themselves in splendid Easter baskets.
  • Special dishes are prepared in the honor of Lord Jesus. Easter lamb occupies a commanding position on the dining table.
  • At certain places, carnivals take place, where parades form the major attraction. In these parades, people wearing special costumes can be spotted. Mardi Gras parade held in North America is famous.
  • As a part of Easter customs, Easter egg painting competitions are held. Beautifully ornamented Easter eggs are stocked in the gift galleries. Also Easter eggs sail smoothly in the yummy Easter menu. Easter egg hunt is the favorite kids' fun time activity.
  • There is a trend of having bonfire arrangement on the Easter eve in Europe.
  • As a part of special Easter Sunday feast, people eat hot cross buns and kids enjoy their jellybeans.


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