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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Abang Ayih.

One fine day, he called and Akim was beside me, trying to disturb me talking to him with his super loud voice by repeatedly grabbing the phone from me.Distracted by his crankiness, I let Akim talked to him.I told Akim to address him as Abang Ariff.

" sapa ni?.. Abang Ayih ka?.. Haa..Along ada selah (sebelah)...*suddenly slapping my arm, poking my waist* Hah..adik dah puk Along dah..adik dah buat along dah..hurm..!*he pouted his mouth while closing his eyes (his favourite reaction when he turned into sick little devil)* "

When he finished talking to his abang ayih, I asked him why did he slap and poke me just now.He told me that Abang Ayih asked him to do so. T___________T Fair enough.

How could you not fall in love with this kid.

After the incident, when Akim hears my phone beeping for messages which he thought someone calling me, he will suddenly grab the phone and pretends that he is talking to his abang ayih. Only Abang Ayih. Until today, he still goes into his "little play time" with his imaginery abang ayih.

"Helloooo abang adik ni..abang ayih buat apa..?Along ada..Sat nak ngil (panggil) long..Along! Along! Abang ayih pon"

I was once fooled by him. Cis!

By the way, I still love him, my tomey tomey Akim. Oh. not to forget, Abang Ayih as well

(He once asked me why I didn't write much about him in my blog lately.Dulu banyak katanya.Mind you he's my frequent silent reader.Yolah. Lepas ni update banyak banyak pasal you noh. Gila glamour jugak Abang Ayih ni. Hahahaha.)


che_puang hafiza said...

abg ayih jeles la tu, pasai asyik asyik cerita pasai akim saja..

shaty said...

i love his EYES !!! can't help laughing reading this ...

eDdY said...

okay..akim ni mmg sgt comel..mesti bnyk ckp kan..hehe

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