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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't complaint, just do it!

Currently helping out mat arep with his assignment.Of course, I'm only capable of helping him with English subject.He's working on his assignment about illegal racing issue.It's been awhile since I last writing down my assignment. Been cracking my head to start writing academically this time. Particularly, with that issue. Before this asyik tulis pasal ELT stuffs because that is my field and I rarely write about current issues. Jadi blur nak buat ayat. Been digging out the suitable phrases and words to make his essay looks better.

It came to a point where I almost blew up at him just because he kept YM-ing me expressing his anger and disappointment towards his lecturer who rejected his previous essay while I was trying to construct my first sentence.Yes, I got easily distracted by the "beeping" colour of  IM that indicates there's a new message coming in.He needs to send it by tomorrow and he got stuck by other reports too. So, no point of nagging about what the lec had done to him. I'm not going to do it all for him. Tak kira la boyfriend sendiri pun, when it comes to assignment, buat sendiri. I'm here just to assist him finding the info and correcting his grammar mistakes.If tak, sampai bila pun tak maju. Ye dak? So, i insisted him to finish it by today so that esok tak perlu la nak bangun awal, sambung buat lagi. Dengan log report lagi. I keep him company for tonight.Sebab tu boleh update entry time macam ni.Sambil update his progress.Hohoho.

Looks like he has to stay up all night long. That's the price of being a student. Kadang kadang terlalu free sampai tak tahu nak buat apa.Sometimes, busy teruk sampai tidur pun tak cukup.

His friends ramai yang dah give up nak redo essay.He felt the same way too.But then when he thought of that subject which is English, it suddenly reminded him of me.He did not want to let me down.So, dia gagahkan diri jugak la redo all his essay just to jaga hati I. Sebab dia tahu English is my core subject.Kalau dia tak buat, memang tunggu masa la nak kena.Hahaha.

Yes, I'm being garang with him all the time. =P


oshinz said...

haha. jangan garang sangat nanti kena jual.

shaty said...

hahhhhhh .. ure doing the right thing .... BUAT BAIK BERPADA-PADA that's what my late father used to remind me. Let him be independent. Despite being an English teacher one normally do face problem when it comes to writing something academically. When ure a student its different. Ure in the momentum where u can easily put down words and make ur writing interesting. However after not doing so for some time, yesssssss .. it could be a great problem. What else to write something that is not in ur line :)

Danial Jaafar said...

atta boy! hahaha tunjukkan laki boleh! XD

eDdY said...

bagus him :)

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