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Friday, February 17, 2017



Wah. Dah lama rasanya tak menulis di sini. Tenggelam timbul ibarat ikan paus di lautan. Hahaha. Tak tau nak start macam mana. Seems like I've lost my magic touch already. Ada ke yang masih ingat saya?

Kasi update sikit la pasal life I sekarang ye. Alhamdulillah I am now happily married to Ariff, my 'pengutip durian' boy. You'll know who he is if you are my frequent reader. I am truly blessed with this union and it's been 2 months since we tied the knot. That's the sweet part. The not so sweet part is that we are staying apart since I am working in Johor and he's in Kedah. Now I know how it feels to be apart from our spouse. It feels s***. Watching others that can stay with their husbands make me feels even s****ier. Sorry for the bad word. That's the vivid word that can express my feeling now.

I've applied for eg tukar hoping that I get transferred to my hometown this June but I am aware that the chance is low since I am teaching year 6. Takpe lah. Let's be positive. Tuhan lebih mengetahui segalanya. If it were meant to be, it will be. My housemate dah mula give up. She just delivered her first baby last year and her husband is teaching in Pahang. Dia jenis yang cepat putus asa sikit. Suka hati dia la. Well, at least she only needs two hours drive to meet his husband. But usually her husband yang datang sini every weekend. Tu pun I rasa dah cukup besar nikmat dah dapat jumpa every weekend. Huhu. I ni terpaksa la jumpa sebulan sekali because he only gets a day off a week. There are things that we need to sacrifise in love. This is my sacrifise for him. I la yang kena balik sebab I cuti 2 hari.

I better stop here now. Nanti ada masa or if I terjaga awal pagi, I tulis lagi okay. Till then, bye!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

My weekend be like

Weekend is almost over.

I normally would stay home and curling up on my bed, watching tv and cooking. It feels like Heaven.

But not this weekend. It was the most productive one. Since he was here, we decided to hunt for our barang hantaran. We went to Melaka, obviously. There's nothing much to shop and survey here. First day of hunting, we managed to get perfumes and watch for him. Betul la orang cakap. Men's things are lesser to choose from but it costs you arms and legs while women's things are plenty to choose from but very cheap. Jam dia saja dekat RM600. Pitam.

Second day of hunting, we went to JPO in a hope of finding a handbag that suits to my liking. I never put any standard or criteria of it before going there. I will pick anything that looks beautiful to my eyes. Unfortunately, none caught my eyes except this 1.6k Bonia handbag. Huhu. Pasaipa la cheq boleh berkenan beg hat mahai sangat ni. *crying at the bedside*  It was ridiculous. I was not willing to pay so much for just one handbag. There were so many other things that I could buy with that money. Hence, we went out from the boutique and remained silent. Trying to accept the fate that it was not my rezeki to own that brand yet. Sobs.

Then,we went inside Carlo Rino and it was on sale. Sadly, most of the designs were too typically Carlo Rino signature (wording of Carlo Rino all over the handbag and some drawing too.) Boring. The end result? I got nothing from JPO while he got three shirts and another watch to wear to work. Shopping sakan cik abang kita sorang ni.

All I got was bloated tummy. Kejap kejap makan. Kejap kejap coffee. Naik 1 kilo when he is around. Now I'm back to detox water. #getridofthat1kilo

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Teacher, conjuring tu apa?

Why suddenly you want to know? It's not even related to our lesson today.

Saja nak tau cikgu.

Dah. Go back to your place and check the dictionary for its meaning.

Dah check cikgu. Tapi tak jumpa perkataan tu.

Eh..mana boleh tak ada pulak. Look one more time.

There she went back to her place looking so disappointed for not getting the answer. Actually, I wasn't sure of its meaning. That's why I asked her to find the meaning in dictionary. Pretending to be surprised when they couldn't find the meaning while teacher also struggling to remember the exact meaning. That's how I run away intelligently from the problem. But it doesn't mean that I totally neglect her enquiry. I'll get back to her on Thursday.Teachers are human too and don't expect that we memorise all the English words in our heads. Sometimes we need to refer to Oxford too. Hahaha.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A long hiatus


After a long hiatus, here I am. Writing a post early in the morning. I wasn't intending to write but I cannot continue my sleep. It's 5.30 am in the morning now. I have this habit that when I wake up, I cannot continue sleeping back. That explains why I would get rid of all the pee's and poo's before going to bed. Ni lah asbab nya. Tapi semalam tak sempat nak get rid of all the things. Tidoq awai. Letih mengadap kerja sekolah.

Many have asked why I didn't post anything here since late 2015. Let's just assume that I have tedious job to deal with. Teaching, mounting clerical work. Teaching nowadays ain't fun as it used to be back then. We are burdened with so many clerical works that mostly need to be done online.E-operasi, SAPS,HRMIS,e-sarana, frog VLE and so many more. I normally remember my ID and password but with all the E's, I couldn't keep up. Terpaksa simpan all the passwords in my phone. Laporan as well. Ergh. So sick of doing reports for every activity. I think not only CEO has secretary, teachers too need one now. I strongly believe that teachers should teach and educate. Sometimes rasa bersalah dengan budak sebab terpaksa gunakan masa PdP untuk setelkan kerja-kerja sampingan ni. Terus terang, I procrastinate when it comes to writing reports or paperwork. I don't like it at all. Buang masa. Terlalu formality sangat education system sekarang. Semua nak keep track as if teachers are not doing their work.

Kalau nak cakap pasal kerja, alamatnya panjang berjela la post ni. I get emo when talking about this too. So tak perlulah buang tenaga dan emosi just on my worklife. Kita cerita benda lain la naa. There were so many things happened in my life during this long hiatus. Ups and downs. I've never planned it yet it happened. Betul la kan. Tuhan sebaik baik perancang. I'm totally content with my life right now. Even though it is not as much as others, I think I should be grateful for that. Surrounded by positive and supporting people makes me appreciate life.

And I'll be getting married soon.....❤

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hong Kong Trip : Madame Tussauds

So, after Ocean Park, we took a bus and a peak tram to go to The Peak. For your information, The Peak is the famous vantage point for the tourist to enjoy the scenic Hong Kong. From this point, you can see the whole Hong Kong. Such a beautiful scenery. 

Terleka sekejap dalam bas and ended up getting off at the wrong place. We had to walk and redah all the heavy traffic to get to this tram picking up point. Selamber dek je lintas jalan without using zebra crossing. Huhu. 

We visited Madame Tussauds. It is recommended for you to purchase the ticket online as it is way much cheaper than walk in price. However, there was a time slot that you have to choose when purchasing it. Means that you can only enter the place at that time and can stay as long as you wish for (Last admission is at 9.45 p.m) Jakun kejap tengok patung selebriti kat sini. They looked freakin' real! Depa letak patung Jackie Chan kat depan entrance and charge people who want to take photos of him. Yang lain tak pulak. Maybe because Jackie Chan is a sensation there. Sebab kena bayaq, so tak dak la gambaq dengan Jackie Chan. 

 Nicole Kidman

 Angelina Jolie. If only she was real, Bob would be the happiest person in the world. Hahaha.

 Ni tak nampak real sangat. But I had fun with him. =p

 Andy Lau. Selalu mix up dengan Aaron Kwok para para sakura tu.

 The hottest couple.

 Late Princess Diana.


 Albert Einstein.

 Marilyn Monroe.

 Audrey Hepburn.

 The tallest basketball player. Tegha Bob yang tinggi sado tu pun kalah dengan mamat ni.

 Maria Sharapova.

 Muhammad Ali.


 Okay. Gaga tak tinggi mana pun. Aku lagi tinggi. Huahuahua.

 Hugh Jackman a.k.a Wolverine.

 Iron Man.

Good job Bob. Boleh pi casting movie lepas ni. =P

Sun Wukong pun ada!
This is only a few..Ada banyak lagi. Tak terupload semua kat sini. Nak tengok, kena datang sendiri.
Happened to be it was my birthay. So abadikan la kenangan kat sini. Cewah. 2014. Dah lama baru up entry. Hahaha.

Lepas tu kan, masing masing lapaq. Makan kat Bubba Gump Shrimp. Seumur hidup tak penah makan. Even kat Malaysia pun tak penah jejak kaki kat kedai ni. Tup tup kat Hong Kong pulak merasa benda alah ni. Sedap rupanya. 

 I love deep fried food. =P

Monday, April 13, 2015

3 Mango Looks for Career Ladies.

Have you ever experienced this situation? You wake up early in the morning to get ready for work, have a peek at your closet full of clothes yet you cannot decide which one to wear and end up picking up the same look over the weeks. And you keep saying to yourself "Tak ada baju nak pakai". Well, if you encounter this situation, probably you need to consider making changes in your closet.

To all hot career ladies out there, lawyers, secretaries, managers, doctors, CEOs, accountants, designers and fashion lovers,  you can choose a stunning range of ready-to-wear clothes to flaunt to every occasion at Mango outlet. Yes! Problem solved! Tak perlu pening kepala lagi dik non oiii. Women who are looking for that modest yet stylish attire to be worn to work will absolutely fall in love with Mango for women collection. Here are 3 inspirations of Mango looks for the career ladies.

The first look is the most common formal wear flaunted by women at work. The full suit surely never goes wrong when you want to portray your serious side at work. However, Mango gives their suit a touch of feminine to make women look elegant while still being taken serious of at work.

This one deserves a salute.

Women who wear black lead colourful lives - Neiman Marcus

Besides that, women who prefer a more sexy sophisticated appearance at work can opt for Mango blouse and pencil skirts. Match those two together and accessorize with some jewelleries such as earrings, necklace or bracelets to complete the outfit. Wear this attire to the office and you will definitely feel that extra boost of confidence in your own self. 

Pencil skirt can give you a slim and curvy effect.

Mango can also make you look decent and sexy at the same time! 

This lacy skirt is in trend now. Simply gorgeous.

Meanwhile, if you want a more casual and comfortable feel at the office, Mango jumpsuits will be the perfect choice. Layer it on with a cardigan or just own it and step into the office with class. Jumpsuits have that balance of formal and casual which makes it trendy to show off in the work environment. The best way to pull off a jumpsuit is to match it with a pair of high heels in order to create the perfect balance silhouette. If you are interested in Mango for women, check out ZALORA as they offer Mango online for women at the best affordable price.

I do believe that Muslim ladies can be fashionable while still covering their 'aurat' in this look. Match it up with a colour block or printed shawl and you are ready to go.

Seriously, how can you not fall in love with all the looks? Nasib baik I ni cikgu je hari hari kena pakai baju kurung. If teachers are allowed to wear anything, I would love to have the casual look on me. Surely the kids will always be motivated to learn in school. Silap haribulan, tak nak balik rumah. Cikgu cantik sangat. Hehehe.  So, what are you waiting for? Do check Mango online for women  now and have it in your closet. Worth spending your money on =)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hong Kong Trip : Ocean Park

Sakitnya tuh di sini. Benar-benar ku terluka. Ecewah. Amik hang. Sebulan tak berupdate blog ni. Apa khabar semua? Hopefully everyone is in a pink of health.So, sebulan lebih tak berupdate. Apa cita? Banyak cita. Banyak benda jadi dalam masa sebulan. Permainan emosi ibarat roller coaster. Kadang-kadang memuncak happy, kadang-kadang memuncak sedih. Haih. Too many things happened in my personal and career life. Anyway, let's skip that part and let's continue our Hong Kong story here.

Last part kat Macau kan. We went straight to our hotel. Too tired of walking non stop. Rasa nak tercabut kaki. After having some rest, Elina beria ajak kitorang pergi harbour. Amik angin malam. Padahal dah tahu dah ni mesti nak celebrate birthday aku yang kebetulan jatuh on that midnight. It was a simple celebration yet meaningful. Nyanyi lagu birthday seround, lepas tu lepak kat tepi harbour. Layan perasaan. Fuh. Memang best. Dengan angin sepoi sepoi bahasa bertemankan pemandangan indah kota Hong Kong. Simply breathtaking!

Oh.Before that kitorang pergi Night Market cari souvenir. It was raining heavily. Terpaksa pakai ponco basah basah naik commuter. As I said before, the weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable. Petang tadi elok je cerah. Tup tup malam hujan lebat. Jangan lupa bawa raincoat or umbrella tau! Lenjun oiii.

 There is just one problem with this muscular friend of mine. He farts everywhere he wants. No mercy.

Next day, we went to Ocean Park. We have to take a ferry to cross to the other side of the city.The journey takes 20 minutes only. Lebih kurang nak pergi seberang Penang la.

Here, we can use our Octopus Card to pay for the ticket. Hong Kong witnessed this lady with the same pose in order to hide her disturbing drumstick. T_T

Not so many people at this early hour. 

 While others were wide awake..this one person...

When we reach at the other side of Hong Kong, we took bus to go to Ocean Park. Again, you can use your Octopus Card. The bus fare for adults is $10.60 while children is $5.30. Tak susah pun nak cari bus yang pergi ke Ocean Park. Just look for Citybus route 629 from Star Ferry (ferry terminal). 

Here we are. FYI, Ocean Park is so big. You need to have a plan on which park you are going first. I recommend you read the brochure and plan your time wisely because there are some shows that are time fixed and you'll miss the show if you are late. And some rides just take long queues to get in. The place is extremely huge. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes or you'll end up having sore feet.

Gerun naik benda alah ni. Just like the Claws in Dreamland Gold Coast but this one lagi epic. Spinning 360 degree and twirling upside down. 

One more thing, plan which ride you want to take first. It was my biggest mistake that I rode the Rev Booster first. This ride span for so many times I ended up feeling dizzy and nausea.

As mentioned, this is Arctic Blast. 

Hair Raiser. We waited for almost an hour to ride this. They were having some technical problems with it and had to test run the ride for quite some time before they allowed us to get in there.

 Gempak habis ride ni but it was too short. Cey...Belagak noh hang. Padahal rasa macam nak tercabut jantung kat atas tu.

 Buang duit.

 You can meet this cute little penguin inside South Pole Spectacular.

Okay. Masa ni aku dah longlai sebenarnya. Pening sangat tapi gagahkan juga berjalan. Tetiba nampak resting area. Apa lagi. Terus letak kepala kejap while the rest pergi naik Ocean Park Tower. Dah tak daya dah oi. Hate you Rev Booster. >_<

Ocean theatre where you can watch the dolphins. Worth waiting for. A must watch show. If you come early, you can choose the suitable seat as this place is facing towards an open sky and it can get hotter in the afternoon. Dah la pening menugai..hangat pulak tu. Menduga kesabaran betul.

We did not manage to cover all the rides. Letih lesu dah. Perut kosong. Don't worry. Halal food are available in here. We ate chicken rice and the portion was big. But the taste sucks. Tapi telan jugak sebab perut dah masuk angin. Huhuhu.

The guest relation staff were so helpful and friendly. We asked for a place to perform our prayers and they provided us a room in their office. They even took care of the door and prohibited other people from entering the room. Thank you so much.
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